Sticks-a-GoGo Art Cloth

For a long time, I’ve wanted to combine two of my passions…photography and fabric.  I’ve been fascinated with Photoshop for some time, and recently discovered a vehicle for designing fabric digitally, Spoonflower.

I started out with a picture I captured with my digital camera.

A Few Of My Favorite Things #12_1
Melissa’s Origami©  Photography: Mary Lou Fall

Used Photoshop for fun, and uploaded my design to Spoonflower.

ML phone pics 1593

I proofed the design to make sure the visual imagery was what I wanted.


I’m excited about all the creative possibilities for this fabric design with more to come.  Stay tuned!




















Surrealist Photography and a Dadaist Poem

A Few Of My Favorite Things #9
Infinite Dreams (Photo Credit: Mary Lou Fall)
A Few Of My Favorite Things #7
Floating (Photo credit: Mary Lou Fall)
A Few Of My Favorite Things #8
Paper Dreams  (Photo credit: Mary Lou Fall)

My Dadaist Poem by Mary Lou Fall

My Dadaist Poem


The following pictures were taken by Mary Lou Fall and were NOT altered using Photoshop.  The origami was folded by Melissa, and Tristan Zara’s cut-up technique described in the Dada Manifesto was used for the poem.  Thirty-one words were cut up and twenty-five were randomly drawn from a brown paper bag.

A Few Of My Favorites Things

This week, I started  working on a new knitting project.  Of course, this is in conjunction with Silke from Coco Knits.  Last summer, I discovered  Noro’s Kibou, a DK weight yarn, 54% Cotton, 34% Wool and 12% Silk.  The pattern number YS585 Ladies Raglan Sweater comes from Noro the World of Nature Vol. 35.

A Few Of My Favorite Things #2_1
Photo: Mary Lou Fall/Origami folded by Melissa

The  lace pattern consists of 12 rows with the back and front knitted exactly the same.

A Few Of My Favorite Things #4_1
Photo: Mary Lou Fall/Card Artwork Nick Wroblewski

I like knitting with patterns designed by Noro because they are written with few words and are pretty straight forward row by row.

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