A Few Of My Favorites Things

This week, I started  working on a new knitting project.  Of course, this is in conjunction with Silke from Coco Knits.  Last summer, I discovered  Noro’s Kibou, a DK weight yarn, 54% Cotton, 34% Wool and 12% Silk.  The pattern number YS585 Ladies Raglan Sweater comes from Noro the World of Nature Vol. 35.

A Few Of My Favorite Things #2_1
Photo: Mary Lou Fall/Origami folded by Melissa

The  lace pattern consists of 12 rows with the back and front knitted exactly the same.

A Few Of My Favorite Things #4_1
Photo: Mary Lou Fall/Card Artwork Nick Wroblewski

I like knitting with patterns designed by Noro because they are written with few words and are pretty straight forward row by row.

City Cape(r)

I finally finished knitting my first cape.  It has been a major time commitment, but my upcoming trip to SF was my motivation. I wanted to finish the cape to show it off, while walking the streets of SF next week.  Lately, the temperatures in Northern California have been unseasonably warm for this time of year.  I hope the fog rolls in next week and I can take my cape on an adventure.

City Cape(r)_1
Photo Credit: Mary Lou Fall

The Cape Coat designed by Debbie Bliss published in The Big Easy,  appears on pages 21 and 22.  The knitting pattern calls for Debbie Bliss Luxury Tweed Chunky, but I decided to knit with  Noro Kama 26% wool, 25%silk, 25% alpaca, 12% kid mohair and 12% angora.  I also shortened the length measurement by 1-1/2 inches.

City Cape(r) #2_1_1
Photo Credit: Mary Lou Fall

A garter stitch scarf accents The Cape Coat stitch pattern nicely.

Psst…I neglected to mention, last week I decided to take a daycation at Sea Cliff Beach.  The coast has taken a pounding the last month.  Here are some photos of my day.

Daycation Seacliff Beach #6
Photo Credit: Mary Lou Fall

An artist painting surrounded by trees, sand sculptures and driftwood.

Daycation Seacliff Beach #4_1
Photo Credit: Mary Lou Fall

The remains of the SS Palo Alto, commonly known as the cement boat.

Daycation Seacliff Beach #3_1
Photo Credit: Mary Lou Fall

A sand sculpture.

East Meets West

I recently discovered a free pattern offer by Noro called Reversible Scarf.  The pattern is also available in Noro’s Issue 4 Knitting Magazine.  The Reversible Scarf knit with two balls of Noro Obi on a US Size 10 circular needle in Garter Lace moves fast.  The Garter Lace pattern consists of a four round repeat.

Rnd 1 Knit

Rnd 2 Purl

Rnd 3 Knit

Rnd 4 *Yo, SKP, rep from* around

I decided to pair the Reversible Scarf with Stephen West’s Pogona from Book One.  Pogona is knit with Diakeito Dia Scene.  Diakeito is another yarn imported from Japan not easily found in Northern California.  I was first introduced to Diakeito at Stitches West by Andrea, the owner of Seaport Yarn  http://www.seaportyarn.com  located in New York’s financial district.

Much to my surprise on a recent visit to the East Bay (Berkeley, CA), I discovered a source for Diakeito.  The long color repeat of both yarns along with the textural qualities of Obi are visually interesting.

Diakeito Dia Scene CowlDiakeito and Noro Cowl

Neck Candy Part II

I’ve finished adding a crocheted edge to Neck Candy.  Knitting and crochet are perfect pairs in the world of stitches.  The edge was crocheted using Noro’s Taiyo Sock Yarn.  The ruffling effect added an interesting dimensionality.  The edge frames and supports the knitted stitches which balances the appearance resulting in a finished look.

Shoulder Cozy #2

New Year’s Resolution

In the past, I usually feel a bit melancholy when December 31st rolls around.  The thought of one year gone brings me closer to the inevitable, and you all know what I’m talking about.  Perhaps feeling a bit morose has to do with the “let down” from the adrenaline rush associated with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, excitement, food and socializing.  The “coming down” from the adrenaline high coincides with December 31st.  When the clock strikes twelve…

Instead of losing time, I am gaining months, days and years of dreaming, experimentation, exploration, and an opportunity to create, love and laugh.

New Year's Resolution #2“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities.  Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”

New Year's Resolution-Gloria Steinem

HAPPY NEW YEAR from knitorious

New Year's Resolution #3


My love affair with Noro began in the late 1980s.  The first time I held a skein of Eisaku Noro’s Kureyon, my eyes were opened to his “world of nature.”  An undefinable palatte of unlikely color combinations speaks to his philosophy about the purity and preservation of nature   A recent article written by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton in the premiere issue of NORO Knitting Magazine published by SoHo Publishing Company mentions, “by specially adapting industrial carding and spinning machines, Noro was able to produce yarns that were totally unique and that put much less strain on the environment than usual in the industry.”  “The yarns were very colorful and ahead of their time, and they were not easy to sell.  They were deemed by many as unsellable.”

I’ve been organizing my yarn and recently discovered some vintage Noro.  It’s interesting to reflect on the generations of this fantastic yarn.  Recently, searching through a basket of Noro’s Hitsuji at my lys, I discovered buried treasure…the first color of Hitsuji from Lot. No. A.

I recently completed a sweater designed by Jenny Watson, Noro NOW!, design 3, using Noro’s Hitsuji, Col. No. 7, Lot No. A.  I am also eagerly working on a project with Noro’s Silk Garden.

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