Body Double

After working at Very Knit Shop today, I envisioned myself comfortably knitting while watching mindless programming.  Instead, I decided to watch the 1984 American thriller, Body Double directed by Brian DePalma.  The carefully executed use of recognizable Los Angeles landmarks added to the “layer upon layer” narrative.  A “movie within a movie” reality captured through the lens of a camera.  As I watched, I got the feeling there was another dimension to the story.

I was fascinated with the ultramodern house in the movie.  Much to my surprise, the house actually exists,  The Chemosphere  (1960) designed by John Lautner,   brought back memories of watching the animated sitcom, Jetsons.

 Perhaps this is old news to many, but I enjoyed discovering something new this evening.  The next time I visit LA, dinner at Spago’s, a visit to the Getty and I’ll try to catch a glimpse of the past.

Chemosphere #3




Sunflowers and Sun Damage

I’ve been spending more time in doors this summer due to the water shortage in California. I was not able to plant my garden of sunflowers, zinnias and marigolds this year.  Though I did manage to plant about a dozen sunflowers for the birds and bees. The sunflowers are contained within a planter in my backyard, so I can look out and enjoy the activity of the bees and the beauty of the sunflowers while I knit.

Sunflower Hedge #3

Actually, the water shortage has forced me to limit my exposure to the sun which has been a good thing.  Recently, I’ve been diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma.   A non-life threatening condition that has been treated with topical chemotherapy. I’ve become hyper-diligent about wearing sunscreen and a hat outside and especially during my daily exercise routine. Of course, the sun damage did not just happen…over time, worshiping the sun slathered in baby oil and scuba diving in Monterey Bay did not help.

Mary Lou #1 001

Yes, I’ve taken all of this in stride, excited about my upcoming trip to Central Europe. I’m looking forward to the architectural history of the region along with local cultural fare.  I hope to discover Czech glass and wonder if I’ll see any yarn. I have a map of Prague from (The New York Times Europe Issue, Sunday, April 20, 2014) and want to shop at Prague Thrift Store, Bohemian Retro and Pour Pour.

Mary Lou #4 001

Recently, while visiting the Very Knit Shop, I captured an image of my latest  two projects on display.




Good Intentions

Staying in my pajamas knitting and browsing through my library of knitting books and patterns gives me an opportunity to remove myself from the chaos of everyday.  A visual world of stitches, creating dimension, exercising two of my senses.  The tactile experience and the act of seeing something pleasing to my personality of design, elevates my serotonin level like savoring a piece of Sees Candy.

I dusted off the cover of my copy of Rowan Pattern Book, Rowan Denim People, by Rowan and discovered a technique I forgot about.

I trekked to my local fabric/craft store (yes, I changed into street clothes) and purchased a ball of Lily Sugar ‘n Cream color 18114 Indigo.  Using bleach as a medium made me a little cautious, but I “threw caution to the wind” and began to think about Jackson Pollock and his drip paintings.   Intentionally splattering bleach all over a knitted piece was so liberating!   Thank you Jackson Pollock

Indigo Bleach

Revisiting History

Instead of #TBT, I experienced #FWF (Frolic With Friends) on Friday.   Yes, I frolicked with Kate Ferrant-Richbourg and Ava Motherwell.   Renaissance Women, both entrepreneurs, I’ve been acquainted with since the early 1990s. Kate,   a jewelry educator and author, and Ava,   an avid collector of German vintage glass beads and buttons, partnered at Kate’s studio in South SF.  It was a relief to greet the fog in San Bruno, while escaping the heat in Los Gatos.

Ava has cultivated a relationship with bead warehouses in Europe through the years.  Her expertise and and love of glass shares with collectors an array of beautiful pieces of history. The diminishing supply of vintage glass beads found in the last German warehouse captures and records the skill and history of a dying craft.

Consistently published in jewelry magazines, Kate appears on DIY television, and attends many conferences.

In the near future, expect another fun collaboration between these two Women.  Stay tuned! Vintage Glass Beads (2) Vintage Glass Beads #2

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