Freeform Buttony

I am attracted to freeform knitting and crochet because there are no boundaries that restrain my creativity.  Upcycling the traditional art of knitting and/or crochet based on ideas of my own, generates something unique.  Sylvia Cosh and James Walters, authors of The Crochet Workbook believe, “free means to escape from the restrictions we all unknowingly impose upon ourselves through blind habit, which programmes our thoughts and responses so that they become automatic and so involuntary.”

After taking a class from Prudence Mapstone in December 2003, I purchased two of her books for reference and a soft plastic mesh foundation for a handbag.  Recently, I discovered an eclectic mix of handbags decorated with freeform knitted or crocheted fabric of color, texture and shape found in Never Too Many Handbags, by Prudence Mapstone.  The second book, Freeform: Serendipitous Design Techniques for Knitting & Crochet is a comprehensive guide for this artform.

Why not incorporate the circular shape of Dorset Buttons with the organic shapes of freeform knitting and crochet?  The traditional method used as a fastener becomes an addition to freeform fabric.  I’ve escaped from the restrictions of Dorset buttony and created my own look.  I can’t predict the outcome of this project, but will continue to post my progress.

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