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“But It Itches!” – Part I

Originally posted on The Sweaty Knitter, Weaver and Devotee of Other Fiber Arts:
Two years ago, I wrote a two-part post about itchy wool.  According to my WordPress statistics, it continues to receive a lot of visitors.  So I decided…

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Who Needs Jewelry

This week while working (if you call surrounded by gorgeous yarn, patterns and buttons work), one of my students stopped by Very Knit Shop in Los Gatos, CA to model her completed scarf from class.  The focus of the class is … Continue reading

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Looking For Yarn In All The Right Places

Recently, I had an amazing travel experience cruising up the Danube River.  My trip began in  Sofia, Bulgaria and ended in Prague.  The last three days of the trip were spent in Prague and I stayed at the Art Deco … Continue reading

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No Preconceived Notions

As I munched on my traditional “toasted bagel on Sunday,” my husband passed the Sunday New York Times Style Magazine.” (A tradition we started together three and a half years ago.)  I guess it can be considered a tradition…Right? Anyway, … Continue reading

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