Mary, Mary Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow?

For the last four and a half years, I’ve become aware of many facets of my life I need to cultivate. I’ve realized the importance of establishing acquaintances/friendships old and new.  Let’s face it, making the effort to keep in touch is not easy.  Making a commitment requires follow-through, which I felt in the past, I didn’t have the time nor energy to do.  It always seemed like so many things got in the way.

After two years of deep soul searching and evaluation, it was time to make a commitment to myself in order for my garden to grow.  I’ve spent so many years pulling the weeds from someone else’s garden, it was time to fertilize my own.

Today I spent the afternoon with a friend from high school.  We’ve not seen each other for at least 25 years.

High School Friends 001

I found our high school graduation photos buried in a box of old photos.  She’s pictured on the (L) and I’m on the (R).

Mary Lou and Sue_1

After all these years. I’m on the (L) and she’s on the (R).

Mary Lou, Sue and Dusty

I met her burro, Dusty.  He is so gentle.

Mary Lou,Sue,Sebastian and Buddy_1

Her dog Sebastian (L) and her father’s dog Buddy (R).  Buddy and I are buddies.  If he ever needs a new home my door is open.

We had a wonderful afternoon and plan on getting the rest of the group together in December.

Intro To Block Painting/Printing

Today, before I venture out to do my inner core workout, I want to share my latest endeavor, “Block Painting.”  I’ve wanted to experiment with this technique for awhile, and decided to go for it!  Initially, the blocks were purchased to use with polymer clay, but after watching numerous YouTube videos, I decided to use fabric.  I also plan on using the eclectic mix of paint in my collection, before investing in the medium.


Here are various blocks for borders, allover printing, etc.

Intro To Block Painting #3

Remnants of a quilting project.

Intro To Block Painting_1

I drew a grid on the fabric first for placement of the block.  Of course, the striped fabric may or may not be your choice, but I wanted to try it anyway.

Got to go to class…more to come.

An Abundance of Flowers

We exist in a kind of brand mania that asserts that everything from your razor blade to your public library to the I.R.S. needs to have a relatable personality.

The above quote was taken from a New York Times Style Magazine article dated October 25, 2015, written by Michael Rock entitled, Hooked on a Feeling.  Rock mentions, “Through the use of the various social media platforms everything and everyone has its own brand, lacking human emotions.  Why are we all so susceptible to manufactured emotion.  Why are we so needy?”

I argue, throughout history people have always coveted “objects of desire” to define a public persona.”Conspicuous consumption,” the public display of economic power has been around since the leisure class. I believe branding only suits largely distributed objects and not individuals.  Social media has corrupted the “one-on-one look me in the eyes conversation,” creating a lack of empathy.

Michael Rock’s article reminds me of Cicero’s famous quote, “Times are bad.  Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book.”

Here’s what defines me:

Cottage Garden 2013 #4

The vibrancy of colors in nature.

100 Flowers of Crochet

The memories of crocheting 100 flowers for an art class, while the remaining students used technology.


Conversations with my husband.

Noro Taiyo Sock Yarn Jacket_1

My latest knitting project.

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