My Feet Are Cold

During a telephone conversation last week, my sister and I were reminiscing about the knitted slippers our mother surprised us with every Christmas.  About three weeks before Christmas, she would ask, “What’s your favorite color?” We knew exactly what she was up to. To check for fit, she would have me try on a finished slipper and say it was for my sister, which in reality was my slipper. We played along all those years, because we cherished the comfortable slippers with the pom poms.

I found my mother’s vintage slipper pattern and I decided to surprise my sister with a pair of slippers.  They don’t have the pom poms, because I’ve added my own touch.  I hope they fit!

Linda's Slippers #2Linda's Slippers #1

Two Museums In One Day

Yesterday, I spent my day in San Francisco (which happened to be the coldest place in the continental United States, reported by Mike Sugarman of CBS news) surrounded by art and atmosphere.  I visited the de Young and Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.  I specifically wanted to view Botticelli to Braque: Masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland and High Style which traces the evolution of fashion through a selection of works from the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

The 55 masterpieces are by some of the great painters from the Renaissance to the early 20th century, including Botticelli, Velazquez, Gauguin and Picasso.  Two works caught my attention.  The first painting, Japanese Theater ca. 1909 oil on canvas, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, German, 1880-1938.

Two Museums In One Day #5_1_1

“This example of Kirchner’s early Expressionism demonstrates how the worlds of the theater, cabaret, and circus provided rich subject matter for the artist and his peers.  This painting’s exact subject is a matter of ongoing debate, although recent scholarship suggests that it shows Madame Hanako’s troupe at the Central-Theater in Dresden.”

Head of a Woman, ca. 1911  oil on mill board laid on plywood, Alexei von Jawlensky, Russian, 1864-1941. “The majority of Jawlensky’s works are depictions of women’s heads, some of them portraits, and the artist readily acknowledged that he was inspired by the tradition of Russian icon painting.   This picture is not a veritable portrait: the identity of the sitter is unknown, and Jawlensky sought to distill the essence of a head, rather than to capture a physical likeness.  The brash colors and broad brushstrokes are similar to the style promoted by the Fauves, a group that included Andre Derain.”

Two Museums In One Day #4_1

I found my way to the Legion of Honor to visit the restoration of the Salon Dore from the Hotel de La Tremoille, an example of French Neoclassical interior architecture. While meandering through the museum, I learned the Legion of Honor is fortunate to hold the largest group of the Domeniko Theotokopoulis’ (El Greco) paintings on the West Coast.

Two Museums in One Day #11

El Greco happens to be one of my favorite artists.

Happy Birthday To Me

I received a wonderful surprise for my birthday this year.  My husband planned a trip to the coast for a couple of days.

Birthday 2015 #2

We had the beach to ourselves…well, except for numerous brown pelicans, a pod of dolphins, a whale and a sea otter we named “Cecil.”  Cecil followed us up and down the shore as we hunted for buried treasure.

Happy Birthday #13_1

I took pictures of  visually interesting rocks and,

Birthday 2015Happy Birthday #6After an afternoon of walking in sand, we decided to walk along a paved trail until the end. At the end of the trail, a wall separates  public access from private residences.  For the public, the wall does not represent a physical boundary of ownership, but a collective place to visually memorialize loved ones.


Happy Birthday 2015 #5

After an afternoon running from the waves and watching the various marine mammals catch fish, we headed back to our room to get ready for dinner.

Happy Birthday #12_1_2We had a wonderful time!

Yarn Foodie

Yes, I’ll admit it…I’m a yarn foodie.  Debbie, the Yarnover Truck, parked at one of my lys this week and I couldn’t wait to place my order.  The movable yarn store  is a refurbished Little Debbie delivery truck.  Yarn deliveries are made by Maridee and Barbara  The bins in the truck are neatly organized by gauge and color.  The selection mainly consists of fingering weight yarn from local Southern California artists.  My appetite was satisfied by a gorgeous 8 ply sport weight yarn from  I did however, spy dk weight too.

I wish Maridee and Barbara a safe and prosperous road trip throughout Northern and Central California.

IMG_4219YarnoverTruck #2

Yarnover Truck #3Yarnover Truck #4


I log in at least 20 miles a week walking and jogging on my local trails.  There are times when I can’t get myself motivated to put on sunscreen, plug in to my i-pod and go. Yesterday, I decided to change up the routine and bring my digital camera.  Here’s what I saw…

What I Saw Today #4

What I Saw Today #6


What I Saw Today #2

What I Saw Today #9_1

What I Saw Today #8

What I Saw Today #10_1

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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