Pacific International Quilt Festival

Today, I took a break from the grueling removal of a thirty year-old carpet and went to the Pacific International Quilt Festival.   Here are a few of my favorites:


Splash! quilted by Janet McCallum from the United Kingdom measures 46″ x 47″, features Jackson Pollock inspired fabric.  All the fabric was hand-dyed and hand-painted by McCallum using procion dyes.  “I drew up a splash shape and appliqued it to the background by hand and added an extra layer of wadding to the shape.”


Flower Power (The Story of a Castaway)  measures 39″ x 57″, quilted by Martina Unterharnscheidt from Germany believes, “A quilt is a quilt; every quilt has two sides and tells two stories.” The original design was machine pieced with hand and machine applique.


Grandpa’s Model Twenty #1 quilted by Jodi Robinson from Enon Valley, PA measures 60″ x 60″, inspired by a cool mid-century modern stereo system that Robinson’s grandfather had called the KLM Model Twenty.  “It wasn’t until I was looking through some old photos, and found a picture of me as a child standing in front of it, that I remembered it…the design was amazing, angular wooden boxes, supported by white curved tulip bases.”


White Spaces quilted by Bev Bird from Absecon, NJ measures 54″ x 50″, influenced by French fashion icon Andre Courreges’ dramatically simple design in the 1960s.  “Influenced by modernism in architecture and his own engineering background. Sharp angular lines, geometric shapes and his trademark white with black and sometimes a single color.”

Though I appreciate traditional quilting, I’m drawn to the visual rhythm expressed in Mod Quilts through the use of pattern, geometric shapes and lines.

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