Mannequin #1140605_0002 (1)Mannequin #2I collect images of mannequins.

I captured an image with my cell phone the other day of a truck stowing naked, headless mannequins around town. Absence of arms, all but one, transparent bodies revealing breasts of both genders.  Publicly displayed without faces and an inability to gaze back at the viewer, presents an atmosphere of vulnerability.  The male mannequin on view from the waist up, while the omnipresent female mannequins stand surrounded by male mannequins.  The transparency of the material allows the sun to shine through the body illuminating the female mannequin.

Wouldn’t this make a great art history paper?


(The image Mannequins belongs to Mary Lou Fall 2014.  Please do not use the image without the permission of the photographer.  I know I could display my name across the image, but wouldn’t that ruin the meaning of the image?)


I’m still limping along with my old computer trying to figure out why I can no longer transfer photos from my digital camera.  The computer does not recognize my camera. Soon, real soon, I will venture into my local Apple store to free myself from the drudgery of using an old computer.

In the meantime, I’ve been weaving using a Cricket



10 inch cricket loom 15 inch cricket loom
10″ weaving width 15″ weaving width

I plan on experimenting with different types of yarns in the warp and pushing plain weave past its boundaries.  I’ve had my first weaving class on Cricket and I’m amazed how easy it is to warp the loom.  My instructor, Sandy, owner of Purlescence Yarns in Sunnyvale, CA suggested I try spinning too.  My first spinning experience was not a very positive one, so I’m a little reluctant to “go down that road again.”

Speaking of “road”, I finally wore out my hiking boots.  Today, I purchased a pair of jogging/hiking shoes.  While trying on the shoes, I mentioned to the salesperson that I’ve been jogging in my hiking books.  He looked a little confused…”Did you say you jog in hiking boots?”  “Yes, I’m motivated, I’ve lost 65 pounds.”

So, if I’m not weaving on Cricket or knitting, I’m out pounding the pavement.



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