Open Studio 2014

This weekend, my neighbor and artist, Joan Harvey participated in Open Studio 2014.  Walking up a black top driveway hidden behind a sliding garage door appeared an eclectic ensemble of women.  Women of our time, your time, and their time expressed by creating a visual narrative through the absence of facial features, the presence of fashion and style.  1987125_003

Conversing with Joan inspired me to participate in Open Studio next year!

Road Trip

This week, I am preparing to go on a road trip. After dropping off my car for service at Auto-Tec located in Campbell, CA, I discovered some of my fine feathered friends on a road trip of their own.   On my 4.5 mile hike home, I decided to take digital photos along the way.  The photo on the right definitely captures the drought on the West Coast.  I typically hike 15 miles a week plugged-in, but at times silence is golden.

Roadtrip #3


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