A Few Of My Favorites Things

This week, I started  working on a new knitting project.  Of course, this is in conjunction with Silke from Coco Knits.  Last summer, I discovered  Noro’s Kibou, a DK weight yarn, 54% Cotton, 34% Wool and 12% Silk.  The pattern number YS585 Ladies Raglan Sweater comes from Noro the World of Nature Vol. 35.

A Few Of My Favorite Things #2_1
Photo: Mary Lou Fall/Origami folded by Melissa

The  lace pattern consists of 12 rows with the back and front knitted exactly the same.

A Few Of My Favorite Things #4_1
Photo: Mary Lou Fall/Card Artwork Nick Wroblewski

I like knitting with patterns designed by Noro because they are written with few words and are pretty straight forward row by row.

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Creating surface design on fabric through the use of mobile photography.

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