City Cape(r)

I finally finished knitting my first cape.  It has been a major time commitment, but my upcoming trip to SF was my motivation. I wanted to finish the cape to show it off, while walking the streets of SF next week.  Lately, the temperatures in Northern California have been unseasonably warm for this time of year.  I hope the fog rolls in next week and I can take my cape on an adventure.

City Cape(r)_1
Photo Credit: Mary Lou Fall

The Cape Coat designed by Debbie Bliss published in The Big Easy,  appears on pages 21 and 22.  The knitting pattern calls for Debbie Bliss Luxury Tweed Chunky, but I decided to knit with  Noro Kama 26% wool, 25%silk, 25% alpaca, 12% kid mohair and 12% angora.  I also shortened the length measurement by 1-1/2 inches.

City Cape(r) #2_1_1
Photo Credit: Mary Lou Fall

A garter stitch scarf accents The Cape Coat stitch pattern nicely.

Psst…I neglected to mention, last week I decided to take a daycation at Sea Cliff Beach.  The coast has taken a pounding the last month.  Here are some photos of my day.

Daycation Seacliff Beach #6
Photo Credit: Mary Lou Fall

An artist painting surrounded by trees, sand sculptures and driftwood.

Daycation Seacliff Beach #4_1
Photo Credit: Mary Lou Fall

The remains of the SS Palo Alto, commonly known as the cement boat.

Daycation Seacliff Beach #3_1
Photo Credit: Mary Lou Fall

A sand sculpture.


Growing up wearing clothes designed for the chubby girl was so heart wrenching.  It was difficult to find clothes that didn’t make me look matronly.  I loved school, but I despised shopping for new school clothes each year.  My mother would take my sister and I clothes shopping together (who was by the way, THIN).  While trying on my chubbie size and her 6X (for thin little girls) in the same dressing room, I  was reminded of the comparison.  Of course, I didn’t resent my sister, I envied her.

002 (2) - jpg

I’ve kept these feelings hidden throughout the years, until now…

The NYU Costume Studies M.A. Program proudly presents their annual exhibition, Beyond Measure: – Fashion and the Plus Size* Woman, beginning January 13-February 3, 2016.  “The fashion industry as played an undeniable role in enabling the stigmatization of larger women’s bodies.”

chubbie pattern

4088 Chubbie Pattern, Printed 1961 Simplicity Pattern Company, Inc., (founded 1927)

You’ll notice the model was not a “chubbie” girl.  Though the merger between academia and the museum is interesting, will this have a “real” effect on our overall culture?








The Love of Knitting

An article written by Karin Schott in the February 1, 2016 Huffington Post, The Ex-Husband Sweater, speaks to the emotional investment a knitter has to her work.  How many of you can understand her thoughts expressed in the article?  I certainly do.

Never knit a boyfriend a sweater
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