East Meets West

I recently discovered a free pattern offer by Noro called Reversible Scarf.  The pattern is also available in Noro’s Issue 4 Knitting Magazine.  The Reversible Scarf knit with two balls of Noro Obi on a US Size 10 circular needle in Garter Lace moves fast.  The Garter Lace pattern consists of a four round repeat.

Rnd 1 Knit

Rnd 2 Purl

Rnd 3 Knit

Rnd 4 *Yo, SKP, rep from* around

I decided to pair the Reversible Scarf with Stephen West’s Pogona from Book One.  Pogona is knit with Diakeito Dia Scene.  Diakeito is another yarn imported from Japan not easily found in Northern California.  I was first introduced to Diakeito at Stitches West by Andrea, the owner of Seaport Yarn  http://www.seaportyarn.com  located in New York’s financial district.

Much to my surprise on a recent visit to the East Bay (Berkeley, CA), I discovered a source for Diakeito.  The long color repeat of both yarns along with the textural qualities of Obi are visually interesting.

Diakeito Dia Scene CowlDiakeito and Noro Cowl

Who Needs Jewelry

This week while working (if you call surrounded by gorgeous yarn, patterns and buttons work), one of my students stopped by Very Knit Shop in Los Gatos, CA to model her completed scarf from class.  The focus of the class is to combine 20-30 different yarns, gauges and textures in order to create random blocks of pattern and color.

The gallery downstairs was having an artist’s reception and my student was attending, proudly wearing her scarf.

I’m always surprised when combining different yarns and ribbons with Loopy and Luscious by Natalie Wilson, another option for embellishment adding just the right amount of style and design.  For the pattern, checkout http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter02/PATTloopy.html

Luscious and Loopy with oil painting


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