The Love of Knitting

An article written by Karin Schott in the February 1, 2016 Huffington Post, The Ex-Husband Sweater, speaks to the emotional investment a knitter has to her work.  How many of you can understand her thoughts expressed in the article?  I certainly do.

Never knit a boyfriend a sweater
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5 thoughts on “The Love of Knitting”

  1. I’m not a knitter and didn’t know about the sweater curse but that was a great article to read. We humans do find symbolism everywhere we look, don’t we?


  2. OMG I never heard of the sweater curse before!! Should I be very happy now, Mr. Walker does not like wearing sweaters and I never have knitted anything for him…indeed we have been married happily for close to 30 years;o) Thnak again for a very entertaining post! xo Johanna


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