Stitches Wednesday #5

A couple of weeks ago,  I came across an advertisement in the August 21, 2016 issue of The New York Times Style Magazine from Missoni.  It’s no secret I’m in love with anything Missoni.   I’m am so excited to share this with you for another reason…

Photo credit: Missoni and The New York Times Style Magazine
Photo credit: Missoni and The New York Times Style Magazine

Now, I know what to do with all the self-patterning sock yarn I’ve collected over the years for socks that didn’t happen.  Doesn’t it look like I may have a couple that match Missoni’s?  Of course, the coat above was knitted by machine, but it might be fun to hand knit my very own.

Here is Stitch #5:

Binary Stitches #5©

10 stitch pattern repeat

Row 1:  K1, P1, K6, P1, K1

Row 2:  All even rows, knit as the stitches present themselves.

Row 3:  K1, P2, K1, P2, K1, P2, K1

Row 5:  P4, K2, P4

Row 7:  P2, K1, P4, K1, P2

Row 9:  K2, P6, K2

Binary Stitches #5©




©2016Mary Lou Fall


The Year Of The Horse

Two Days In The CityTwo days this week, I took a journey to San Francisco.  I stayed at The Hilton, centrally located and within walking distance to good food, shopping and fabric.

The first day of my exploration began with a trip down the Macy’s escalator to the basement for lunch.  Boudin Bakery has the best sour dough bread bowl with clam chowder.  Even though I was excited about my trip, I began to  reminisce about my daughter and our lunches together at Boudin’s.  I dusted the bread crumbs from my lap, wiped the tears from my eyes and headed to Britex

Four floors of bliss…fabric, buttons, and notions. Everyone who reads my blog knows I love Missoni. Guess what I found at Britex?  I purchased 1-1/2 yards of Missoni knit fabric for a skirt.  I’ll probably end up admiring the knit like a painting and never touch it with a pair of scissors.  On the next floor, I found some interesting trim and buttons.  Two Days In The City #3

Two Days In The City #2

With all the shopping and walking up and down the streets of SF, I stopped in for dinner at Cafe Mason The chicken picatta was delicious and the service was fantastic.

Photo469The next day, I shopped at Macy’s and on my way back to the hotel, I walked to China Town.  I wanted to capture the cultural architecture decorated with beautiful red lanterns.


It’s no secret how I feel about the Missoni brand, especially Missoni yarn.  Look what I found at my local yarn shop.

Missoni Yarn 2013Before I began to write this post, I decided to briefly research Missoni yarn, and discovered the recent death of Octtavio Missoni.  

Currently, I am knitting a chevron sweater pattern from Erika Knight’s book Glamour Knits.  For the sweater, I am knitting with smc select ViolenaViolena is 50% cotton and 50% mondal.  The back and front are finished.  I’ve started knitting the sleeves and hope to finish soon.

Chevron Sweater 2013

Zig Zag Cowl

In 1953, Ottavio and Rosita Missoni founded a fashion house based in Venice.  Missoni’s designs are highlighted by the use of stripes, geometrics and abstract florals.  The use of bold geometrics are also present in woven Navajo blankets, especially the zig zag.  I wonder if  the bold geometric designs of Navajo blankets influenced their designs? Or perhaps the visual art style of Art Deco, which first appeared in France during the 1920s.Missoni #2

Misson #5 Navajo BlanketDuring the 1970s, rectilinear symmetricality of the zig zag/chevron pattern defined Missoni knitwear, and at the same time Wrigley gum wrappers were folded and constructed to create individual chevron links to form a gum wrapper chain.

gum wrapper chainActually, I went looking for gum wrappers  in the vintage size pictured in the image on the right, and could not find them. I did find a site that uses wrapping paper instead. If you’re so inclined take a look at the following site.  ttp://

This brings me to the reason for this post…I am attracted to the symmetricality and linear qualities of the Missoni-esque style and contemplate why?  Perhaps it’s because I spent many hours folding gum wrappers.  Today, I use yarn and knitting needles to make tangible my creative ideas.

Art Deco CowlArt Deco Cowl #2

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