Versatility With Binary Stitches

I’ve been programming (in a sense) my latest design using Binary Stitches©.  The original order of stitches was not what I ended up with.  I manipulated the rows as if they were lines of code, trying to achieve a particular visual effect.


Paper cut-outs were used to help me decide which direction I wanted to knit.


Was I going to knit in the round, flat with a seam or use a provisional cast on?  I decided to knit Versatility flat with a seam.

Versatility Option #1
Versatility Option #2
Versatility Option #3
Versatility Option #4

Versatility With Binary Stitches©

Materials:  Malabrigo Rasta Kettle Dyed Merino Wool, approx. 90 yds, col. 416 Indiecita.  Option 1 (qty 1) and Options 2-4 (qty 2).

US Size 15 needle

Gauge:  2 sts = 1″

Measurements:         Option 1:   12″ wide x 20″ long (after light blocking)

                                       Options 2-4:  12″ wide x 40″ long (after light blocking)

Multiple of 6 + 2

Edge Stitches: (RS) Wyif, slip the first and last stitch purlwise. (WS) Knit tbl of the first stitch and knit the last stitch.

Row 1:  K1, P1, K2, P1, K1, continue across the row.

Row 2:  Knit stitches as they appear

Row 3:  K3, P3, continue across the row.

Row 4:  Knit stitches as they appear.

Repeat these 4 rows.

Using Size 15 needle, CO 26 sts.  Knit to desired  length*. BO loosely and seam using desired method.

Option 1 is knit to a length of 20 inches, which gently hugs the neck.

Options 2-4 are knit to a length of 40 inches, which offers a variety of ways to wear  Versatility.

Pattern © by Mary Lou Fall

Binary Stitches©2016

Patterns are protected by international copyright laws and are intended for personal use only.  Other uses are strictly prohibited.



Zig Zag Cowl

In 1953, Ottavio and Rosita Missoni founded a fashion house based in Venice.  Missoni’s designs are highlighted by the use of stripes, geometrics and abstract florals.  The use of bold geometrics are also present in woven Navajo blankets, especially the zig zag.  I wonder if  the bold geometric designs of Navajo blankets influenced their designs? Or perhaps the visual art style of Art Deco, which first appeared in France during the 1920s.Missoni #2

Misson #5 Navajo BlanketDuring the 1970s, rectilinear symmetricality of the zig zag/chevron pattern defined Missoni knitwear, and at the same time Wrigley gum wrappers were folded and constructed to create individual chevron links to form a gum wrapper chain.

gum wrapper chainActually, I went looking for gum wrappers  in the vintage size pictured in the image on the right, and could not find them. I did find a site that uses wrapping paper instead. If you’re so inclined take a look at the following site.  ttp://

This brings me to the reason for this post…I am attracted to the symmetricality and linear qualities of the Missoni-esque style and contemplate why?  Perhaps it’s because I spent many hours folding gum wrappers.  Today, I use yarn and knitting needles to make tangible my creative ideas.

Art Deco CowlArt Deco Cowl #2

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