Bokeh Collection

In short, Boke is a Japanese photographic technique that produces an aesthetic quality of blurring. “In 1997, the English spelling bokeh was popularized under the direction of Mike Johnston of Photo Techniques Magazine.” Wikipedia

I am excited to introduce the Bokeh Collection to the line of sticks-a-gogo Art Cloth.

©Mary Lou Fall 2021- Bokeh Collection: Here and There

©Mary Lou Fall 2021 – Bokeh Collection: Sunflower

©Mary Lou Fall 2021 – Bokeh Collection: Golden Leaves

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Stitches West 2013

Next week, I plan on attending Stitches West 2013, wearing a new sweater knit using NORO Kuryeon Col. No. 185, Lot No. K.  The unique knitting pattern  is from NORO the World of nature, Vol. 15, Y-698.   In the process of organizing my knitting literature, I found buried treasure…Vol. 15.  I’ve kept this volume tucked away for atleast five years and was delighted to discover it all over again.   The act of casting off stitches creates pockets which render an interesting dimensionality to the surface of the sweater.  The sculptural qualities of the pattern are enhanced by the color gradations of the yarn.

I’m attracted to Japanese knitting patterns (translated) because of the visual straight forward instructions and attention to rows.   This year at Stitches West, I am looking forward to a class entitled, Understanding Japanese Knitting Patterns taught by Gayle Roehm, in order to expand my knowledge of Japanese pattern symbols.

I hope to attempt a pattern designed by Setsuko Torri, detailed in Setsuko Torii Hand Knit Works.

NORO Vol. 15 Y-698NORO Vol. 15 Y-698 #3NORO Vol. 15 Y-698 #2

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