You’ve Come Along Way Baby

Recently, I took the plunge and purchased a new Baby Lock Ovation serger.  The Baby Lock Ovation has an exclusive “Thread Delivery System” which eliminates the daunting task of manually threading the upper and lower loopers and eliminates the inconvenience of tension adjustments.

Sewing With Knits #4

Sewing With Knits #5

Sewing With Knits #3

For the last thirty plus years, I’ve been using a Bernette  for Bernina Funlock.  Over the years, I’ve grown quite attached to my first serger because together we have enjoyed the pleasure of constructing Halloween and dance recital costumes along with child and adult clothes.  But, I’ve decided it’s time to charge ahead, in order to create and construct new garments using current technology.

At first, I was intimidated by the size of the Ovation.  I removed it from the box, sat it on the dining room table and just stared at it. “What was I thinking?”  I decided to take a Sewing With Knits class at Eddie’s Quilting Bee with Sally-Ann Flak.

Sewing With Knits #2
Kwik Sew K3766


Using a Nicole Miller graphic print fabric, I constructed the complete top with my Baby Lock Ovation serger.  The fit is amazing and the fabric is beautiful.




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Creating surface design on fabric through the use of mobile photography.

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