Happy Birthday To Me

A few weeks ago, along with my husband, I celebrated my birthday at one of my favorite places.  My husband surprised me with a trip to the coast.  Here are a few photos of my birthday celebration.

Birthday May 16, 2016  #7

The direction of the winds changed which affected the migration of the ladybugs.  There were so many along the waters edge.

Birthday May 16 2016 #5

At the end of a 2.5 mile hike, we encountered a beach decorated with rock sculptures.

Birthday May 16, 2016_1_1

Sea glass.


Ready for dinner.


Swordfish at Cafe Rio, Aptos, CA.


The end to a beautiful day.

I had a wonderful birthday and look forward to at least forty more!

About 1marylou

I enjoy the process of pushing the world of fiber to its limits with the use of knitting needles and various methods of experimentation. Along the way, the lens of my camera captures what I see.
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6 Responses to Happy Birthday To Me

  1. 1marylou says:

    It sure was a wonderful day. Thank you for your birthday wishes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like the perfect day 🙂 Happy Birthday!


  3. 1marylou says:

    Thank you! We had a fantastic couple of days.


  4. 1marylou says:

    At least! XO Mary Lou


  5. KerryCan says:

    And a happy birthday to you! Your day at the coast sounds about perfect to me!


  6. What a festive post, happy Birthday to you!!! I’d go for at least fifty more! Xo Johanna


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