Yarn Foodie

Yes, I’ll admit it…I’m a yarn foodie.  Debbie, the Yarnover Truck, parked at one of my lys this week and I couldn’t wait to place my order.  The movable yarn store  is a refurbished Little Debbie delivery truck.  Yarn deliveries are made by Maridee and Barbara   http://yarnovertruck.com/about-yot/http://yarnovertruck.com/about-yot/  The bins in the truck are neatly organized by gauge and color.  The selection mainly consists of fingering weight yarn from local Southern California artists.  My appetite was satisfied by a gorgeous 8 ply sport weight yarn from   http://www.indigodragonfly.ca.  I did however, spy dk weight too.

I wish Maridee and Barbara a safe and prosperous road trip throughout Northern and Central California.   http://yarnovertruck.com/calendar/event/ca-road-trip/

IMG_4219YarnoverTruck #2

Yarnover Truck #3Yarnover Truck #4

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I enjoy the process of pushing the world of fiber to its limits with the use of knitting needles and various methods of experimentation. Along the way, the lens of my camera captures what I see.
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