My Feet Are Cold

During a telephone conversation last week, my sister and I were reminiscing about the knitted slippers our mother surprised us with every Christmas.  About three weeks before Christmas, she would ask, “What’s your favorite color?” We knew exactly what she was up to. To check for fit, she would have me try on a finished slipper and say it was for my sister, which in reality was my slipper. We played along all those years, because we cherished the comfortable slippers with the pom poms.

I found my mother’s vintage slipper pattern and I decided to surprise my sister with a pair of slippers.  They don’t have the pom poms, because I’ve added my own touch.  I hope they fit!

Linda's Slippers #2Linda's Slippers #1

Author: knitorious

I live in a world of mixed media, primarily focused on yarn and fabric. Currently, I'm exploring the world of fashion design, specifically dart manipulation along with bead embroidery. I enjoy translating my work through the use of photography.