Mannequin #1140605_0002 (1)Mannequin #2I collect images of mannequins.

I captured an image with my cell phone the other day of a truck stowing naked, headless mannequins around town. Absence of arms, all but one, transparent bodies revealing breasts of both genders.  Publicly displayed without faces and an inability to gaze back at the viewer, presents an atmosphere of vulnerability.  The male mannequin on view from the waist up, while the omnipresent female mannequins stand surrounded by male mannequins.  The transparency of the material allows the sun to shine through the body illuminating the female mannequin.

Wouldn’t this make a great art history paper?


(The image Mannequins belongs to Mary Lou Fall 2014.  Please do not use the image without the permission of the photographer.  I know I could display my name across the image, but wouldn’t that ruin the meaning of the image?)

A Change of Scenery

Two days ago, I decided to deactivate my Facebook and disengage from the Twitterati. Why do these two decisions deserve such attention?  Well, why should the fact that I still own a “clam shell style” cell phone define me as not current with technology or put me in a particular age demographic?  Just out of curiosity, I went to a 2004 edition of Merriam-Webster Dictionary to look up the definition of twitter n…1: a slight agitation of the nerves 2: a small tremulous intermittent noise (as made by a swallow) 3: a light chattering.  I also looked up social media’s definition of Twitter just for kicks, which basically uses the same definition.  I’ve realized I want more.  I am not interested in a surface level agitation of my nerves or a conversation consisting of a limited number of characters. IMG_2218IMG_2222

A Change of Scenery 2014 #3A Change of Scenery 2014 #4

This is what matters to me.