Schedule Change

Almost two weeks ago, I was notified the Vogue Knitting Destination trip to Koigu Wool Designs was cancelled due to an unfortunate personal circumstance suffered by the Landra family.  I wish Kersti Landra a speedy recovery.

With a last minute change of my schedule…We were able to celebrate my husband’s birthday with an impromptu trip to the coast for a couple of days.  What we witnessed words cannot describe, we were part of something amazing. Due to the warmer waters of El Nino, an abundant food supply exists for the whales, dolphins, sea otters and sea lions, and birds.  I have never experienced such an awesome show of marine life.

Aptos Sept 15, 2015 #3_1

Pelicans, Cormorants, Sea Gulls and diving birds were everywhere.

IMG_4756Aptos Sept 15, 2015 #7_1

Sea Otters and pods of Dolphins cruised by for the  abundant supply of food.

Aptos Sept 15, 2015 #6

Of course, the unique and unusual also appeared.


I’ve taken many pictures over the years, but this candid shot of my husband is one of my favorites.

Aptos Sept 15, 2015 #5_1

The end of a beautiful day on the beach.

Aptos Sept 15, 2015 #8

Time for the celebratory Happy Birthday dinner at Cafe Rio.

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Creating surface design on fabric through the use of mobile photography.

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