A Wrong Does Make A Right

After knitting about eight inches on Design Mine, I measured for gauge and found the width of the back was not to measurement.  Does a gauge swatch truly address the variability of yarn?  A gauge swatch is definitely necessary, but until the yarn has been knitted outside the confines of a gauge swatch, does a true textile emerge.

Online Linie 79 Evita, consists of a wrapped woven inner core which creates an interesting “thick and thin” yarn.  What makes Evita visually unique, also creates an inconsistent gauge.  Revising the number of cast on stitches, provided an opportunity for me to really “look” at the effects of inconsistency.

A Wrong Does Make A Right_1

A Wrong Does Make A Right #2

The wrong side of the knitted piece has an interesting sculptural Ikat weave surface pattern.  For me, the wrong side of the piece is visually more interesting, in comparison to the right side.

A Wrong Does Make A Right #3


Author: knitorious

Creating surface design on fabric through the use of mobile photography.

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