Looking For Yarn In All The Right Places

Recently, I had an amazing travel experience cruising up the Danube River.  My trip began in  Sofia, Bulgaria and ended in Prague.  The last three days of the trip were spent in Prague and I stayed at the Art Deco Imperial Hotel.  Upon entering the hotel lobby, the architecture in combination with the wall decoration and tile work transported me back in time.  I was awestruck by the beauty and the history of the hotel.  Walking the cobblestone sidewalks of Prague was a surreal experience, one I will never forget.

With all the amazing sights and sounds of Prague, I was on a quest for yarn.  I located the Kotva Department Store, and found amazing buttons and the largest ball of mohair yarn I’ve ever seen.  The Big Ball from Schoeller and Stahl consists of 600 meters of 67% acrylic, 14% wool an 10% polyester.  It was a trick packing, but I managed to get it home.  When I returned home from my trip, I started to knit a gauge swatch and decided to keep the ball of yarn intact.

Across the street from Kotva Department Store is the Palladium.  The Palladium is an indoor mall with multiple levels.  I discovered a fascinating window display of stitches.  (I think it was an H & M window display)

Art Deco Imperial Hotel #2Art Deco Imperial HotelIMG_3854IMG_3619Art Deco Imperial Hotel #3

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