Sunflowers and Sun Damage

I’ve been spending more time in doors this summer due to the water shortage in California. I was not able to plant my garden of sunflowers, zinnias and marigolds this year.  Though I did manage to plant about a dozen sunflowers for the birds and bees. The sunflowers are contained within a planter in my backyard, so I can look out and enjoy the activity of the bees and the beauty of the sunflowers while I knit.

Sunflower Hedge #3

Actually, the water shortage has forced me to limit my exposure to the sun which has been a good thing.  Recently, I’ve been diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma.   A non-life threatening condition that has been treated with topical chemotherapy. I’ve become hyper-diligent about wearing sunscreen and a hat outside and especially during my daily exercise routine. Of course, the sun damage did not just happen…over time, worshiping the sun slathered in baby oil and scuba diving in Monterey Bay did not help.

Mary Lou #1 001

Yes, I’ve taken all of this in stride, excited about my upcoming trip to Central Europe. I’m looking forward to the architectural history of the region along with local cultural fare.  I hope to discover Czech glass and wonder if I’ll see any yarn. I have a map of Prague from (The New York Times Europe Issue, Sunday, April 20, 2014) and want to shop at Prague Thrift Store, Bohemian Retro and Pour Pour.

Mary Lou #4 001

Recently, while visiting the Very Knit Shop, I captured an image of my latest  two projects on display.




Author: knitorious

I live in a world of mixed media, primarily focused on yarn and fabric. Currently, I'm exploring the world of fashion design, specifically dart manipulation along with bead embroidery. I enjoy translating my work through the use of photography.

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