Body Double

After working at Very Knit Shop today, I envisioned myself comfortably knitting while watching mindless programming.  Instead, I decided to watch the 1984 American thriller, Body Double directed by Brian DePalma.  The carefully executed use of recognizable Los Angeles landmarks added to the “layer upon layer” narrative.  A “movie within a movie” reality captured through the lens of a camera.  As I watched, I got the feeling there was another dimension to the story.

I was fascinated with the ultramodern house in the movie.  Much to my surprise, the house actually exists,  The Chemosphere  (1960) designed by John Lautner,   brought back memories of watching the animated sitcom, Jetsons.

 Perhaps this is old news to many, but I enjoyed discovering something new this evening.  The next time I visit LA, dinner at Spago’s, a visit to the Getty and I’ll try to catch a glimpse of the past.

Chemosphere #3




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