Vintage Knitting

Recently, I’ve been visiting my local thrift stores searching for vintage knitting magazines.  The Coats & Clark’s Books along with Woman’s Day and Today’s Woman Knit-It, to name a few, offer an archival of knitting history.  A record of fashion, yarn and knitting stitches with no name.  Stitches described only by the relationship between the knitter, needles and yarn necessary to achieve the stitch.  Is it necessary to assign a “name” to people, place or things?  Is the stitch any less important without a name?  For me, it’s about the visual appearance and integrity of the stitch.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Frost on the ground, water in the cats’ bowl frozen, and my feet are cold!  For the last two weeks, a cold weather snap from Alaska has invaded California.  The farmers’ crops are threatened and my precious plants our frostbitten.  What would I do with snow?

I’ve searched online catalogs for slippers and shopped at the mall and cannot find a slipper that suits my fancy.  I want a slipper for utilitarian purposes, not embellished with satin bows, a designer label or cartoon characters.   Machine wash and dryable, provide warmth and comfort are what I seek, just like the knitted slippers I received every winter as a child.  The slippers are knit with 4 ounces of worsted weight Coats & Clark’s Red Heart acrylic yarn held double, gathered at the toe and accented with a pom-pom.

I looked online for the vintage 1940s knitted slipper pattern and found something similar to what I was searching for.  At my lys, a patron wrote down a pattern for the slipper she knit while in college, but I discovered the instructions for the toe of the slipper were incomplete.  While at a recycled bookstore, I found a book published in 2004  with an adaptation of a double-knit slipper pattern reminiscent of the vintage pattern.

Well…I combined different parts of each pattern and came up with my own slipper pattern.Vintage Slipper Pattern #2

On my quest to find the pattern, I came across the following in a vintage Coats and Clark’s Book No. 158 Jiffy Knits featuring Red Heart Yarns.  I found an interesting pattern for Women’s Stretch Slippers and an amusing pattern for One Skein Book Socks.

Vintage Slipper Pattern #5

Vintage Slipper Pattern #3Vintage Slipper Pattern #4

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