Knitting In The Round Is Not Flat

The weekend temperatures in Northern California were in the triple digits.  Today, Monday should be the last gasp of hot summer heat.  I took advantage of the heat over the weekend to block a lace cowl “hot” off the needles.  September Circle designed by Melissa LaBarre ” is a seamless loop scarf that combines a self-striping sock yarn and larger needles for a perfect fall accessory.”

Knitting in the Round is Not Flat_1

The patterns suggests Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy (100 g/459 yds 75% virgin wool, and 25% nylon), which I found tucked away with the rest of my sock yarn.

Knitting in the Round Is Not Flat #2_1

I’m a newbie to lace knitting, so I decided to use stitch markers after each 12 stitch repeat. This project is a perfect “in-between another” when you’re looking for instant gratification. For bind off, I (k2tog tbl, slip the st back to left needle) to end of round.  I find this particular technique results in a looser BO, compared to (knit 2 stitches and with left needle, pass first stitch over and off needle).

Knitting in the Round is Not Flat #3_1

Because of the characteristic of knitted lace, I needed to figure out how to block in the round.  I browsed through a couple of books and looked online and came across an interesting technique using two knitting needles.


After following the steps of wet blocking, knitting needles are inserted and pinned at each end to the finished size measurement.  Take a look at Lisagrace Alsbury’s blog

Blocking a Cowl

I’m looking forward to an almost twenty degrees cooler Tuesday.

Three-Eyed Crocodile

Summer is definitely here on the West Coast.  A time when I don’t conform to a schedule or a list of “have-to’s.”  It’s a time for staying up late, sleeping in, reading, and doing whatever.  I continue to knit, but my choice of fiber changes from animal fiber to plant fiber.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about exploring polymer clay again.  In the 1990s, I sold my designs at various trade shows, local yarn stores and had a “pinch me” moment during a trunk show at Nordstrom.  How did I get the opportunity at Nordstrom?  In retrospect, I’m still amazed every time I think about it.  I walked in and basically told the jewelry rep, “I have unique objects of adornment, which you need to see.”

Time passed and my direction changed.  I found my way back.  Have I come full circle or just visiting for a moment?  Is this a Deja vu  moment?

Mokume #3_1

Using various tools imprinting designs in polymer clay replicating the Mokume Gane technique.  A technique that does not require perfection, keeping in mind the importance of negative space.

Mokume Gane #2_1Imprint designs are sliced with a blade, and applied to a polymer clay stack.

Mokume Gane #4_1

Each time I work with this medium, a surprise element appears.