Stitches On Canvas

Why shouldn’t stitches be on canvas?  Stitches can be sewn, woven, knitted and crocheted using plastic, bamboo, wire, animal and plant fiber to name a few.  Stitches hold something together to adorn the body, or hold someone together when nothing else seems to work.  Stitches are created using a machine or by hand producing added texture and dimension to our lives.  So, why shouldn’t stitches be on canvas?

Stitches On Canvas
Photo Credit: Mary Lou Fall

Knitted wire stitches with beads held together by a stitched Dorset Button sewn by hand attached to felted wool embellished with a silk cocoon on silk fabric.

Stitches On Canvas #2
Photo Credit: Mary Lou Fall

Mixed-media stitches on painted canvas.

Stitches on Canvas #3
Photo Credit: Mary Lou Fall

A stitched Dorset Button sewn to a piece of silk stitched to a felted piece of wool, which reminds me of my favorite flower, the sunflower.


The sunflower is mine, in a way – Vincent Van Gogh

Experiment or Mistake

Browsing through my pictures I discovered three experiments I never posted because I didn’t feel the outcome was worthy of a blog post.  Today, however, I find them quite interesting.  Should I consider these attempts an experiment or mistake?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines experiment as “A controlled procedure carried out to discover, or demonstrate something .” Mistake, “To blunder in the choice of.”

Felted Scarf and Wrap #1

Attempt #1: Originally, I did not find the colors appealing in the scarf I felted with the novelty yarn.  Now, I do.

Attempt #2: At the time, I thought the felted roving looked like a jumbled mess, but know the fiber looks like a spider web with a multitude of possibilities.

Last but not least, Attempt #3: The knitted block/rectangle was suppose to look like a log cabin quilt.  I wasn’t attracted to the outcome, but know I am pleased with the colors and texture created by the different yarn and color combinations.

I don’t consider these mistakes, they are experiments.  Perhaps our creative tastes evolve with time and experience.

Roving Spider WebLog Cabin