Nuno Felt With Embedded Object

Yesterday, I received a recorded message from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department regarding the triple digit weather, especially for Gilroy, San Martin and Los Gatos, advising the residents to stay inside until Friday.  It’s not about “poor air quality,” it’s about the heat and dehydration.  No physical activity except for getting to the mall or movie theater, in order to take advantage of the air conditioning.  Okay, so I listened yesterday and seized the opportunity to read a novel, Tell The Wolves I’m Home, by Carol Rifka Brunt.

Today, however, I stretched the rules just a little.  My last post described wet felting with an embedded object.  Why not try Nuno Felting with an embedded object? Hmmm…good idea!  The silk used for this project was upcycled from a dress purchased at my local thrift store.

Nuno Felt With Embedded ObjectI gazed at the three dimensional qualities of the fabric and contemplated what to do with the piece, perhaps a wristlet secured with a dorset button, or maybe an added embellishment to a felted purse.

Nuno Felt With Embedded Object #4Nuno Felt With Embedded Object #5

Tomorrow’s Thursday, one more day inside…

Nuno Felting 101

Hear ye, Hear ye all blog followers of knitoriousOn October 7 and 14, join knitorious at the A Work of Heart craft lounge in San Jose, CA to partake in the festivities.  From 9:30 am – 12:30 pm, tantalize your creative tastebuds learning the basic techniques of nuno felting. Just add a little water, soap and agitation and watch what happens.  Check-out the class description at  Why not visit the craft lounge and get an up close and personal look at the scarf on display?

Nuno Felt #2

Recently, while flipping through the pages of my many books on the subject of felting, I read instead of using silk for nuno felting, try cheesecloth.  With a desire to experiment, I hiked to my local Sur La Table for a package of cheesecloth.  The cheesecloth was hidden amongst the pots and pans and cost under five dollars.  I decided to practice on a swatch instead of a whole project.  Much to my surprise, a beautiful piece of fabric was created.  A  translucent and transparent surface was created due to the open weave structure of the cheesecloth and the behavior of the wool.  The ability to allow light through the felting presented a beautiful sight.

The delicate quality achieved by the co-mingling of cheesecloth and wool roving reminds me of a cloudy day.  I will definitely continue with this technique and felt a scarf.  Perhaps I’ll try dyeing the cheesecloth when using a dyed wool roving.

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