Yarn But No Pattern

I recently purchased four skeins of Madeline Tosh’s Tosh DK  weight, color Spectrum “just because.”  The hand dyed yarn has the appearance of the irridescence of peacock feathers, and to the touch, the softness associated with a billowy cloud.  I was over-stimulated by the beauty of this yarn and lost all sense of direction…I disregarded one of my knitting promises…”I will not buy yarn without an intended project or pattern.”

I browsed patterns on http://ravelry.com, but my mental picture of what I wanted for this yarn was not there.  The richness of the yarn needed a stitch that would resemble the luxurience of velvet and the texture of brocade.  My next resource was The Harmony Guides Vols. 2 and 3 for the right pattern.

The swatch was knitted with a Size 6 needle in Crowns II pattern found in Vol. 3, page 78.  I invision the bottom half of a jacket knit in the Crowns II pattern and the bodice in Seed Stitch or perhaps a ribbing pattern.  There are slight variations in color due to the uniqueness of hand dying, therefore, each skein is different.  I want to avoid knitting with two skeins at one time, so I’m depending on the stitches to help alleviate the obvious.

Got Yarn No Pattern

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