Tile Bracelet

Every once in awhile, I put down my knitting needles and pick-up a block of polymer clay. A dear friend of mine, Debbie Anderson, teaches interesting classes using the medium. Debbie and I, about 21 years ago, were two of the founding members of the South Bay Polymer Clay Guild in San Jose, California.

Here are a few photos highlighting the tile bracelet technique:

Both sides of a fabric strip were treated with fabric stiffener, and left to dry for a couple of days.
Once a channel for elastic cord was constructed and a backing sheet of polymer clay was applied, the tiles were cut apart and liquid polymer was applied to the fabric surface of the tile.
After the tiles were processed in the oven, gloss was added to the surface of each tile.
The tiles were strung with seed beads and a hand sculpted toggle using polymer clay.
Texture was added to the back of the tiles using an unmounted rubber stamp.
Photo credit: Mary Lou Fall

Yesterday, while revisiting familiar territory, I began to reflect on my various artistic experiences with polymer clay and my own artistic growth.

Finishing Touches

For awhile, I’ve wanted to explore the use of Lisa Pavelka’s, UV resin Magic-Glos  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSQZQXp5L1k and polymer clay.  The pieces discussed below were cured in the sun.

Polymer Clay Jewelry_1

The above piece details the use of elements from a Mokume Gane block which consisted of three different types of polymer clay.  I especially like the effect of white glitter polymer clay.

Polymer Clay Jewelry #2_1The next piece shows the effects of working with ink dye and metallic leaf.  I plan on doing another layer of resin on both pieces tomorrow.

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