Same Pattern Different Yarn

How many times do you find a knitting pattern and want to substitute the yarn suggested with another?  Hsiao-in, one of the Fallenleaf Knitsters, has successfully accomplished the task.  Upon meeting Hsiao-in, she was wearing a coat from Jane Slicer-Smith’s, Knit The Colors of Australia, Swing, Swagger and Drape.  I was fascinated with her creative choices and the pattern.  Hsiao-in offered to quickly walk home and return with her other completed projects from the book.  She graciously let me take pictures of her modeling the same pattern knit with different yarn.

Hsiao-in’s work inspired me to order the out-of-print book.  Many times, patterns are enhanced when an individual adds their own creative personality to the piece.  Thank you for sharing your creative personality with me.

Same Pattern Different Yarn 2013 #2Same Pattern Different Yarn #3Same Pattern Different Yarn 2013

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