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This morning, my husband and I attended Mollie Stone’s Hatch Chile Roast in San Bruno, CA.

Hatch Chili Roast #2

My husband was introduced to the Town of Hatch during a brief six month work-related visit in Las Cruces, NM.  He tasted various local cuisine flavored with Hatch chiles and has remained a fan of this wonderful delicacy.  The harvest season for Hatch Chile runs from August into early September.

As we exited our car, we were drawn to the roasting of the chiles.

Hatch Chili Roast #5_1

The green chiles were placed in a rotating wire mesh bin heated with propane.

Hatch Chili Roast #6

As the chiles roasted, some pods burst leaving seeds.

Hatch Chili Roast #7

Roasting completed and chiles were immediately put in a large plastic bag enclosed in a box.

Hatch Chili Roast #3_1

Here are free tasty mouth-watering samples prepared by Mollie Stone.  The Mac ‘N Cheese, Cornbread, Meatloaf and Chile Relleno Casserole were yummy!

By the time we were finished taste testing, our 20 lb. order of medium and hot chiles were roasted and ready.

Hatch Chili Roast_1

There are a few recipes we plan on cooking.  I’m interested in baking Hatch Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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