Rextangle #7_1

I know it’s summer, and what am I doing knitting a scarf?  It all began by knitting a swatch in order to explore the relationship between unexpected color combinations.  As the swatch grew longer, so did my interest.  What would happen if I varied the size of the rectangle?

ReXtangle #4Rextangle #2_1_1_1

What started out as a swatch turned into something worth exploring.  An interesting sequence of color combinations emerged, accentuating the texture of a slip stitch pattern.

Without hesitation, I began seaming the two swatches together.  By seaming the two together, I was able to explore the various color combinations side by side.  To achieve the maximum interaction between rectangles, it’s imperative to line up the slip stitch rows when seaming.   I decided to leave an opening.

Rextangle #6_1

I attached two Dorset buttons as closures.

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