Never Enough Sea Glass

Sea Glass and Beads_1

I’ve always called the glass I find at the beach “sea glass.”  On occasion, acquaintances have referred to “beach glass.”  I didn’t know there is a difference between sea glass and beach glass. Sea glass comes from salt water and beach glass comes from fresh water. The difference in ph balance and action or lack of wave action alters the appearance of the glass.

Check out the home page of the North American Sea Glass Association for information and beautiful pictures of glass.

I’ve actually found a couple of marbles and noticed one is a tiger’s eye. Green glass dominated my most recent visit to the beach, along with a piece of pottery.

Sea Glass and Beads #3_1

After I finished knitting Adorn Thyself, (blog post dated April 2, 2015),  I went shopping for more beads.  I found strands of recycled glass beads.  Should I knit another bracelet or string a necklace?

Sea Glass and Beads #2

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