Really scrappy bag

Such an interesting way of organizing.


On my Ravelry project page, I’m calling this the Scrappy Five Gram Bag. Why?

I tidied up my yarn today, which includes three large plastic jars of oddments. I took my kitchen scales downstairs to the craft room and put all the tiny balls weighing 5g or less into one jar. (These containers are great – they used to hold little coconut jellies from Taiwan.)

Another of these is full of bulky/super bulky odds and ends, and another has some DK and laceweight.

This one came upstairs along with a 5mm crochet hook and I started playing with yarn. It was either that or go for a walk, and the yarn won (though I did hike after dinner). As this is a mix of yarns, with acrylic, linen, cotton and possibly even a bit of wool, I thought I’d make a bag as it won’t need to be…

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