Baby Top Knot and Bobbles Ensemble

Recently, I was asked to design a baby color block sweater and hat.  Knitting top down is a perfect opportunity to color block a sweater.  In addition, adding bobbles and a top knot to a baby hat provides just the right “cuteness.”

Baby Top Knot with Bobbles HatBobbles and Top Knot Ensemble

Designed by Mary Lou Fall


Size 8 double point needles

One skein of Jill Eaton MinnowMerino (100% extra fine superwash merino, 77 yds)

Yarn stash for bobbles

Gauge:             4 sts/inch


CO 60 sts and divide evenly between three double point needles.  Join, being careful not to twist sts.

Rnd 1: Purl

Rnd 2: Knit

Rnd 3: Purl

Rnd 4: Knit, increasing 4 sts evenly.   Knit until hat measures 3-3/4” from cast on edge.

Decreasing for the Crown:

Rnd 1: *K2, K2 tog, *repeat to end of round.

Rnds 2-5:        Knit

Rnd 6: Repeat Rnd 1 (decrease)

Rnds 7-9:        Knit

Rnd 10:           Repeat Rnd 1 (decrease)

Rnds 11-12:    Knit

Rnd 13:           *K2 tog, *repeat to end of round.

Knitting the Top Knot

Work remaining sts for approximately 3”; break yarn leaving a 4” tail.  Thread tail onto yarn needle, thread tail through remaining sts; pull snug and fasten off.  Tie the length of knitting into a knot.  Weave in ends.


Cast on 1 st, leaving a 4” tail.  Knit into the front, back, front, back and front of cast on st.  (5 sts).

Row 2:            P5

Row 3:             K5

Repeat rows 2 and 3 twice. (4 rows)

Row 6:            Pass 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th sts, one at a time, over the first st.  Fasten off, leaving a 4” tail.  Fold bobble in half and pull both tails through to WS of hat and secure.

*Of course, any yarn that gives the correct gauge may be used.

**Every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate instructions.

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