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Curls and Q

DPN Holder DPN Holder

Although I prefer to use two circular needles when knitting hats or socks, there have been a few instances lately when double needles have been needed. I ordered Carbonized Patina 7″ Double Point Bamboo Knitting Needles 14 Sizes (70 Pieces) from Amazon. They are not an expensive set, but have proved to be perfect for my needs.  The problem was there were 70 pieces and I didn’t have anything to store them in. After searching the Internet, I found this tutorial on Crafty Avocado. I pulled out some of the fun knitting-themed fabrics I have and after making a few modifications, I made holders for both Curls and me.

Material Material

Materials and cuts:

  1. Main Body (Timeless Treasure Fabric; Fun-C9182) – Cut 2- 13.5″ x 10.5″
  2. Upper Pocket (Timeless Treasure Fabric; Knit-C7588) – Cut 1- 13.5″x 8″
  3. Upper Pocket lining – Cut 1- 13.5″ x 7.5″
  4. Lower Pocket – Cut…

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