Well, it’s finally happened…my computer’s hardware (CPU) is too old.  I’ll not be blogging for awhile because I need to make a major decision.  Apple or HP???

Happy blogging and I’ll be back soon!

Author: knitorious

Creating surface design on fabric through the use of mobile photography.

4 thoughts on “RIP”

  1. I know I’m new here and you have no reason to trust me but MAC, MAC, MAC!! I used a PC originally but switched over many years ago and have never looked back!


  2. Thanks for the info. I’ve been using an HP forever and now I’m thinking about MAC. I took my computer in thinking I had a virus, but it’s just the hardware.


  3. Q – Age old question! LOL! After using HPs to teach computer skills and basic design, I realized that at home, even with virus protection I’m married to a man who ALWAYS crashed the computer with viruses. Solution = Mac. Now I’ve decided I love them. No more crashed computers from The Hubs. But, I do have a PC for my genealogy which he is not allowed to touch. LOL!


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