Beads Galore

Last Thursday, I met a wonderful group of women with an eclectic mix of experiences and talents.  I was invited to join the Knitsters for their monthly knitogether and discuss knitting with beads.  The afternoon began with a tasty lunch of salad, freshly baked bread and dessert.IMG_2102

Even though we spent the afternoon knitting with beads, our conversations covered a multitude of subjects.  Planting succulents in hollowed-out squash, a memory study at UCSF, spinning and local community activisim.

Thank you Susanne, Elaine, Karen, Phyllis, Hsiao-in, Rene, Kathryn, Moni and Nancy C. for a wonderful afternoon.

Knitsters 2013 #4Knitsters 2013 #2Knitsters 2013 #6Knitsters 2013 #3Knitsters #7Knitsers #4

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Creating surface design on fabric through the use of mobile photography.

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