Spring Is In The Air

Spring Is In The Air #3Blossoms are blooming, bees are buzzing and I need to plant my sunflower seeds.  A trekk to my my local nursery proved to be fruitful.  I found various varieties of sunflower seeds along with hollyhock and zinnia seeds.  I am excited to plant “Lemon Queen” (Helianthus annuus) a variety of sunflower grown for a multi-year bee count project to gather information about native bee populations.  More than 100,000 citizen-scientists across the U.S. and Canada participate in the research by counting the number of bees that visit their “Lemon Queen” plants.

During a bout of Spring cleaning and organizing my stash, I found a group of knitted ribbon roses. The directions for the knitted ribbon motifs can be found in the Holiday 2004 issue of Vogue Knitting.  “Nicky Epstein puts the metal to the petal with clusters of knit roses in Fonty/Russi Sales Serpentine.” The flowers are sewn together creating a piece of knitted jewelry.  For my bouquet, I knit with Anny Blatt Victoria ribbon.Spring Is In The Air #2

What should I do with my flora? Do you scrumble?

Author: knitorious

Creating surface design on fabric through the use of mobile photography.

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