After knitting a scarf in garter stitch with Kauni’s 140Effektgarn, using a size 10-1/2 needle, I decided to add wooden beads of various sizes for resists.  After the fulling process, I was amazed at the sculptural piece of textile that emerged.  Upon removing the wooden beads, random  tops of the indivdual sculptures were cut-off. The frayed edges and openings add depth to the dimensionality of the felted textile. The randomness of resistance paired with the openness of the piece invites the admirer to look beneath the surface.

Manipulating the piece to visually examine the change of surface, triggered a memory.  The act of looking, color and dimensionality brought back memories of exploring the coastline in Northern California with my daughter. While the opening and closing of sea anemones kept rhythm with the in and out of the tide, we climbed on the frayed edges of rocks searching for jellyfish, sand crabs and shells amongst beds of kelp.

Author: knitorious

Creating surface design on fabric through the use of mobile photography.

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