Shibori is a Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern by binding, stitching, folding, tucking, compressing it or capping.  The  manipulating of the cloth, resists the dye, which decorates the surface with pattern.

The same can be achieved during the fulling process in felting.  Adding (wooden beads, buttons, nuts, etc., secured with silicone bands (similar to rubber bands) to the surface of knitting resists felting.  Various sizes of wooden beads were used for the first blue/purple swatch.  Plastic buttons were used for the second blue/purple swatch.

I decided to try adding resists while wet felting roving.  The third swatch (pink/lavender) was manipulated with pre-felts and once the fibers began to full, I added wooden beads secured with silicone bands.  I continued the process until the swatch felted to my desired likeness.  After the swatch  (pink/lavender) was completely dry, I cut the silicone bands and removed the wooden beads.

About 1marylou

I enjoy the process of pushing the world of fiber to its limits with the use of knitting needles and various methods of experimentation. Along the way, the lens of my camera captures what I see.
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