Needle Felted Wrist Ornament

Everyday in my creative art space, I stare at a stack of recycled felted sweaters and contemplate what to do?  I could cut off the sleeves and construct a purse or draw circle templates in graduated sizes for layering adding dimensionality to surface design.  Maybe I’ll cut the sweaters into strips similar to a log cabin quilt and create a piece of fabric.  Hmm…needle felted fabric.

Perhaps I’ll stare at the recycled sweaters for a bit longer as I ponder the idea of needle felted fabric.  Boiled wool lends itself as a support for needle felting, which I’ve got plenty in my stash.  Thus, begins the co-mingling of boiled wool and the unspun fibers of roving.

About 1marylou

I enjoy the process of pushing the world of fiber to its limits with the use of knitting needles and various methods of experimentation. Along the way, the lens of my camera captures what I see.
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