Knit Interest Clique

Online tutorials are interesting, youtube is helpful, Ravelry and Knitty connect knitters in a virtual world where knitting books, magazines and patterns are read using an e-reader.  Why not reach out and touch fellow knitters with knitorious and join knit interest clique?  A social gathering where a common language spoken using knitisms to upcycle the traditional techniques of knitting  brings a collective group together.  Join knit interest clique on Facebook and knit your way through the crafty-side of life, or even better, sign-up for classes with knitorious at A Work of Heart Studio in San Jose, California.

Author: knitorious

Creating surface design on fabric through the use of mobile photography.

One thought on “Knit Interest Clique”

  1. Hello! I looked on facebook for the “knit interest clique” group but it didn’t come up in a search. Maybe members need to be invited to join? Just guessing. 🙂 I’m Colleen Alley on facebook if you need to “friend” me first. Thanks! I look forward to our get togethers.


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