Currently, I’m taking a travel study class online about Italian Luxury Fashion. What echoes throughout the readings and video presentations the “learning lessons,” from COVID the Italian design houses have experienced.

I want to reference Francesco Risso, creative director for Marni, for his thoughts about the power of the hand. He believes, “Things you can make with your hands are treasures that will last forever.” Objects from the past are for the future, “life of objects preserves the craft.”

©Mary Lou Fall 2022

The above pictured sticks-a-gogo Art Cloth ensemble, with a design proof of Ophelia in the background, highlights a self-drafted t-shaped coat sewn in sticks-a-gogo Art Cloth with a flannel underlining. The mannequin is also dressed in Art Cloth using a Nani Iro pattern for the garment.

Its amazing how my fabric creates a collage of combinations of images that work well together, and at the same time document a narrative.

©Mary Lou Fall 2022
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